Honky Tonk Freeway


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    Honky Tonk Freeway copyright Al Hirschfeld/ Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd, NY     www.alhirschfeld.com Beverly D;Angelo, Geraldine Page, Hume Cronyn, Beau     Bridges, William Devane, Joe Grafasi, George Dzunda
Honky Tonk Freeway
In this involved send-up of two American icons--the automobile and the tourist trap--the tiny Florida town of Ticlaw strives desperately forsuccess after it has been denied the most essential of all tourist amenities--a freeway exit. The insane, and mostly successful schemes of the mayor (William Devane) and other distinctly unbalanced citizens interrupt, often hilariously, the lives of various eccentric travelers forced into a place they never intended to be. Critics disagree violently on whether this is a neglected classic or sophomoric nonsense. The winning record of director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowb\oy, Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man, Billy Liar, Sunday Bloody Sunday,etc. ) and first-class performances by William Devane, Beau Bridges, Beverly D'Angelo Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Geraldine Page, George Dzunda, Joe Grifasi, Howard Hessman, Terri Garr, Daniel Stern--not to mention a water-skiing elephant and a while rhino--argue that it's more likely a classic.
One of the most overlooked movies of all time, HONKY TONK FREEWAY is also one of the funniest movies of all time. Directed by John (MIDNIGHTCOWBOY) Schlesinger, it is a laugh-filled spoof of our unquenchable thirst for the good life-in this case symbolized by the sunny state of Florida -and of our unlimited willingness to drive ourselves to the brink to drink it in. The oddest and most hilarious assortment of Americans anonymously cross paths in their common race for fun and fortune, and all become involved in a small town mayor's outrageous scheme to turn a dying hamlet into a tourist wonderland.

“A rambunctious, nutty farce.” - PLAYBOY

“Perfect...A lunatic comedy. Don't miss this one!” - N.Y. DAILY NEWS

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