Production Photos


   William Devane - Mayor Calo spearheads the    movement to turn his town into a thriving resort    community. William Devane and Frances McCain - Mayor Calo and his wife ride in the parade to raise money for a highway exit.
   George Dzundza Eugene the bank robber Joe    Grifasi Osvaldo the bank robber George Dzundza and Joe Grifasi - Eugene and Osvaldo rob a bank in New York City.
   George Dzundza and Joe Grifasi - Now that    Eugene and Osvaldo have robbed the bank, they    have to figure out how to make their getaway. Geraldine Page Sister Mary Clarise Deborah Rush Sister MaryMagdalene
   Geraldine Page and Deborah Rush - Sister Mary    Clarise has her hands full trying to keep Sister    Mary Magdalen's mind on the church. Hume Cronyn Sherm      Jessica Tandy Carol
   Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn - Lunch at the    Turkey House for Carol and Sherm- a chance for    Carole to have a few cocktails. Beau Bridges Duane is an aspiring children's book writer
   Beverly D'Angelo Carmen Odessa Shelby has    a penchant for getting emotionally involved with    her one-night stands.    Beverly D'Angelo and Beau Bridges - Duane    meets Carmen on the road to Florida , and they    stop at the International House of Pancakes.    Duane is falling in love with Carmen. Carmen    is hesitant about getting too involved.
   William Devane - Mayor Calo has yet another    plan to attract tourists to his town. Bubbles the    water-skiing elephant.    Howard Hesseman Snapper   Teri Garr    Ericka Paul Jabara T. J. Tupus truck driver   Geraldine Page Sister Mary Clarise
   Howard Hessman and Terri Garr - Snapper and    Ericka watch fireworks along with their son    played by Peter Billingsly, and their daughter    played by Jenn Thompson. There is a huge car crash outside of Ticklaw.
   Paul Jabara - Truck driver T. J. Tupus gets    chased by the Rhino that escaped from his truck    after the truck caused a huge crash on the    Freeway outside of Ticklaw.  



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