a comedy by Edward Clinton

(Little Theatre) - 3 men, 2 women - Interior

When a jealous actor who's always on the road, finds out his wife has taken on a young male roommate to meet expenses, the show does not go on. He immediately returns home to find out what's going on. The roommate, an inventor who likes to roller skate, is caught in the middle between a jealous husband and frustrated wife. Eventually, all five of the characters get into the act and the result is just plain fun.

“…punch and humor…a funny…” – Miami Herald. “…clever script…intriguing sense of humor coupled with a powerful knack for drama…”
                                                                      – Fort Lauderdale News

“…funny, delightful and above all devoid of the off color material so many writers feel is essential…”
                                                                      – Hollywood, FL Sun Tattler


Another favorite of stock and community theatres with hundreds of productions on record. Available through SAMUEL FRENCH 212-206-8990




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