a comedy by Edward Clinton

Inspired by Moliere's Tartuffe

(Little Theatre) comedy. 4m, 2f Int. This wild comedy pokes no end of fun at Texas oil millionaires and so-called holy men who are piling up great fortunes from gullible Americans. The play focuses on a wildcatter who's hit pay dirt big time and the guru who's mesmerized him. The guru's actually a swindler and ex-con man from Brooklyn who has his eyes on both the Texan's second wife and daughter. And the efforts of the wife, a former waitress, and his teen-age son and daughter finally rescue Dad from the spell of the phony Holy man. How they manage to do it keeps the fun-pot boiling.

“Take a wealthy man who is being duped by a fake religious character, add two not too bright offspring and a suspicious, but neglected wife; place them all on the ranch of a Texas oil millionaire and you have “You'll Love My Wife,” a funny, well written comedy by Edward Clinton”
                                                                     – Danbury News-Times

“Sheer nonsense, loaded with laughs…recommended to all who enjoy a hearty laugh.”
                                                                     – The New Haven Register

“…Hilarious farce…a wealth of comic opportunity…”
                                                                – The Bridgeport Post


This “excellent choice for stock companies and community theatres” is available through SAMUEL FRENCH – 212-206-8990




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